My Herb Garden

I’m so excited. I started my first herb garden today. We have a new Lowe’s in my neighborhood, so I took my 10% off coupon with me and picked up a 6 pack of Trailing Rosemary and several hanging basket liners. All for the low, low price of $13.75.

Next stop. The grocery store. I needed some fresh thyme for a new recipe I was trying out for dinner. While I was checking out the herbs in the produce section, I noticed they sold Living Herbs in plastic containers. It struck me, if the herbs have roots, I should be able to harvest the tops for cooking and plant the rooted plug to grow my own herbs. Cost: 2 for $5.00. I chose the thyme and chives.

Living Herbs

Rooted Herbs

I was so happy, I rushed home, trimmed them, then planted them up. And Voila, instant herb garden.

Chives, Thyme, and Rosemary

Instant Herb Garden


Soon, I’ll start my vegetable garden.  I can hardly wait. Last fall, my husband built me a raised garden bed and I’ve been very anxious to plant vegetables in it ever since. Unfortunately, my grandsons have taken it over and are playing with their cars and trucks in it. Evidently, it makes a great sandbox. I may have to section an area off for myself.

No matter, I’m just itching to get started.

Raised Bed 011518

A blank canvas, waiting to be painted with colorful vegetables and flowers


I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting a chicken or two. My husband is not on board with this idea yet, but I’m working on it. (don’t tell him, kids)

Sakata Chicken

Photo taken by my dear friend, Mark Amiya


Smiles are contagious; let’s start an epidemic                                                                                 -Laura Smith-

18 thoughts on “My Herb Garden

  1. Greenside up ! The herb pots look great and very inviting to go have a scent of them
    Thank you for sharing your herb adventure with us

    Trader Joe’s also sells basil in containers and whole foods has a good selection of planted herbs as well Yielding to the seasonality of course
    Isn’t it Refreshing to have a window box or the pots nearby so you can just go out and snip snip some herbs as you are cooking
    What an herbly delight!
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Good Morning
    I live on the Central Coast of California. Temperatures are mild. So no problem with freezing. It’s supposed to rain this week, so I put them under my patio table for the time being. They should be hardened off enough and have roots into the new soil in about a week or so. Then I will put them in my garden area.


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