The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the island of garbage floating around in the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, what surprised me most wasn’t that it existed, it was learning that an astounding number of plastic water bottles is responsible for the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

It got me thinking about my own use of plastic water bottles. How many bottles did I go through in a day, a week, a year? Answer: three bottles a day, twenty-one bottles a week, one thousand ninety-two bottles a year! Just me alone! I was shocked.

Was there some small way I could reduce the number of plastic bottles I send to the landfill? We recycle here at home, but that didn’t seem to be the answer. As I was quenching my thirst, yes, from a plastic water bottle, it came to me.  Tap water. Free Flowing. Inexpensive. For two weeks, I reused my last plastic water bottle filling it with tap water. Not very tasty.

After discussing my options with some friends and doing just a bit of research I decided to filter my water at home. I bought a Brita Water Filtering System. For a mere $16.00 investment, I could filter my water. At a buck a bottle from the market, I could have my Brita paid off in just over 2 weeks. And, I can earn rewards for every Brita purchase. Now that’s good water and good sense. My morning coffee tastes better too.


My Morning Cuppa Joe

If you haven’t already started reducing the number of plastic water bottles you use, I hope you will join me in this endeavor to reduce waste and Save Our Oceans.

To see images of our Great Pacific Garbage Patch and learn its effects on our ocean and the beautiful creatures that live in and around it, open the link below. These photos speak for themselves.

Please help keep the Pacific clean.


Ho’okipa Beach Maui, Hawaii

For more on Brita Water Filtration Systems visit

3 thoughts on “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

  1. Good for you! Although it is so convenient to buy water bottles. When I do buy one I try to use it over and over. I’ll use our tap water with a squirt of lemon or lime. When we go our weekend campground I take those gallon water bottles and refill them at the grocery store. It’s those little things we can do that add up! Great informative post!!


    • Hi Terri
      Once again thank you for your support. Your input is truly appreciated. Yes, It is amazing how fast those plastic bottles add up. Over a thousand per year just for me was a real eye opener. If you have access to lemon thyme try adding a few sprigs of it to your water and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. It gives the water a really mild lemon flavor and the cold water is so refreshing.

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