IWSG-January 2019

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In July 2018,  I  joined IWSG, the Insecure Writers Support Group.

Assisting writers with overcoming their writing fears, struggles, doubts, and concerns, Alex J. Cavanaugh started IWSG in September 2011. The Insecure Writers Support Group is  about writers helping other writers build confidence, through encouragement, and community support. 

The first Wednesday of each month IWSG posts an optional question to its members.  Each month’s question has several amazing co-hosts. January 2019’s co-hosts are Patricia LynneLisa Buie-Collard, Kim Lajevardi, and Fundy Blue. Feel free to drop by their blogs and see what they are up to. 

January’s Question of the Month: What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

I’m always shocked when people ask me about my writing. When I’m writing my blog, I often get stalled because I think people don’t want to hear about my latest trip to the beach, where I went hiking or my latest class. When people ask me about my writing, I feel energized, because that means they’re interested.

When people ask me what I’ve written expecting me to tell them about some wonderful published work that has not yet hit the Costco book review, the look on their faces says it all.

Either way, please keep asking. IWSG is all about encouraging others. You don’t have to be a fellow writer to boost my ego. Who knows, someday, I may just write a bestseller.

Memoir Progress

A Quick Review- Sixteen years ago, at age 50, I decided I wanted to train for the 24 Hours of Adrenalin mountain biking race. After finding a trainer, and four other riders, ages 15 to 27, our all-female team of novice mountain bikers embarked on an amazing journey.  My memoir is the story of what it took to get us to the race, self-discovery, inspiration, lasting friendships, teamwork, and letting go.

Progress: I’ve not done much the past two months regarding my memoir. In late November, I ran into one of my former teammates at a local taqueria. It was a short but wonderful reunion, and we promised each other we’d keep in touch. I rushed home and started writing everything I could remember about who she was fifteen years ago. Then, just like everyone else, my time was swallowed by the holidays. I never finished.

Around the same time, IWSG published a brilliant post by L. Diane Wolfe entitled, How to Create Believable Characters. Perfect I thought, I can use Diane’s template to help me flesh out my teammates. Thinking further, I realized I could use the same recipe, slightly tweaked, as I’m wont to do, to develop the physical aspects of the terrain we trained on and the ten-mile loop, that became our “antagonistic force.”

Enthusiasm renewed, thanks Diane; I start 2019 with a new arrow in my quiver. Each month I am hoping to introduce one of my teammates and an obstacle we overcame to complete our race.



10 thoughts on “IWSG-January 2019

  1. Hi, Laura – I’m glad that you have begun the New Year feeling refreshed and motivated. Every time that you give us a little blurb about your upcoming memoir – it makes me want to read it MORE and MORE! I stand ready and waiting to purchase my copy!


  2. Laura – though I’ve never considered a memoir I see that it is a favored genre of several IWSG bloggers. Instead, I’ve settled on what might be the next best thing…….what I call October/November stories about folks like me, sixty and seventy year olds dealing with late-life realities, including what I call Geriatric Adolescence. Either way it sounds like we’re trying to connect with what seems real to us.

    All the best in 2019.


    • Hello
      I love “Geriatric Adolescence!” It certainly sounds better than Mid-life Crisis, which I am sure I was and continue to be going through at age 66.Now I can change it up to Geriatric Adolescence. I feel younger already.
      Thank you for your comment.


  3. Hi Laura! I was wondering why I hadn’t read your last IWSG post, and it’s because I hadn’t clicked the “follow” button on your blog yet. That’s done now, so I’m looking forward to reading all about your memoir progress. So nice that Diane’s post got you back on your feet and excited about what’s next. Sharing your characters and obstacles sounds like a good exercise and a good way to reveal some of your story.


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