The Fruits of Our Labors

Last winter, my husband built a raised bed for my first, at home vegetable garden. While it lay fallow the grandboys used it as a giant sandbox.

IMG_20170715_131408700_HDR  IMG_20170827_092844005    IMG_0559

In spring, we planted sugar snap peas, snow peas, cucumbers, pole beans, onions, carrots, and broccolini. My husband raised a small patch of sweet corn across from the raised bed and I grew herbs, radishes, squash, artichokes, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes in containers.

IMG_1698 IMG_1866.JPG

Now, my family and I are enjoying the fruits of our labors. Walking out into the yard and picking vegetables at their peak for each nights dinner is more than satisfying.  Crisp salads, savory stir fries, delicious no-butter-needed corn on the cob, and balsamic roasted vegetables have been regular fare at our evening meals.


Fortunately, we can grow all year-round here, so my fall crop of radish, lettuce and broccolini are well on their way. Next up, spinach, beets, and carrots.



“Smiles are contagious; let’s start and epidemic”    -Laura Smith-

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Blake and Aiden November 2017

The grandboys

12 thoughts on “The Fruits of Our Labors

    • Hi Janet
      Not everyone loves the garden. My job, when I was working, was as a Flower Grower for a seed company. I also grew vegetables there in the greenhouse. So I am proud of my “outside” garden, on my own, without a crew.

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  1. Your garden looks amazing, I’m so jealous! My hubby built a raised planter box now filled with organic soil (found free on Craig’s List) which now houses my sunflowers. We have huge redwoods in my backyard and the soil is acidic in areas near the trees, so veggies have a difficult time growing. I prefer the pines, but it would be nice to pick my own veggies. Enjoy the “fruits” of your labors, Laura!


    • Hi Terri
      I love sunflowers!. 🌻 They’re so happy. I also live pines. They smell sooooo good.
      We filled our raised bed with recycled soil from my work, at the time. I hauled it home in bags over several months. Our neighbors let their lawn die during the drought and re-sodded just as I was getting ready to fill the bed. Perfect topsoil. We made our mix from those two sources.

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  2. Hi, Laura – I didn’t (yet) muster up the nerve to plant and maintain a vegetable garden. I did, however, plant an outdoor herb garden. I agree that it is extremely satisfying to go out and pick fresh ingredients for dinner. Your post has inspired me to take the next step in the Spring!


    • HI Donna
      Herbs are fun too. Last night my grandson and I went out and clipped some chives,parsley and thyme for the chicken recipe I was using. He smelled each one as we cut them and then could taste them in our dinner.
      Educational too


  3. Hello Jamie
    I was so used to growing everything in the greenhouse and having all that wonderful help from the crew it was exciting to do it “outside” on my own. I also have some pretty nice flowers. Still lots to do in the yard, but it’s slowly coming together. Just having FUN!


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