Hangin with My Grandson

Wednesday, I had the rare opportunity to spend some one on one time with my 17-year-old grandson, Gavin. He’d been in town visiting his other grandparents and I was able to steal him away for the day.

On my way to pick him up, I began to panic. What do you say to a 17-year-old young man? Where do I take him? What’ll we do? I was worried there would be awkward silences or he might be bored, and I wanted to be the cool grandparent.

My concerns were unfounded. I found him very easy to talk to. In fact, he started the conversation and kept it going. I only provided a few basic questions.

Food seemed like a good idea, seafood in particular, so we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.  Walking restaurant row we tasted free samples of clam chowder from one end of the wharf to the other. Our restaurant of choice would be based on who we thought made the best chowder.

Gavin and Tutu 072618

Gavin and Tutu-Monterey CA

After lunch at Old Fisherman’s Grotto, at which neither of us ordered clam chowder, we hopped on the trolley and rode to Cannery Row. My plan was to wander around a bit then get dessert at Ghirardelli’s.

Instead, we went into Vitality O2 Bar. The aqua massage beds there have always intrigued me. For $25.00, one of us could get a 20-minute aqua massage and enjoy a trip to the therapeutic oxygen bar. Not willing to pay 50 bucks for the experience, the salesperson allowed us to split the offer.

Gavin chose the oxygen bar.  The sales assistant hooked him to the breathing apparatus and left him to inhale the aromatherapy infused oxygen designed to leave him relaxed and refreshed or alert and energized. Unable to separate the scents, Gavin chose all four options. (sorry to say, Gavin would not allow me to take his picture hooked to the machine)

O2 Bar Monterey 072618


I was encased, fully clothed, lying face down in a long tube. Conveniently located at the front of the store, I was in full view of hundreds of passers-by.  A piece of plastic was all that separated me from the aqua massage jets that shot pulses of water up and down my backside for the full 20 minutes. BORING!

Neither of us was impressed. After fielding several questions from onlookers, we left the store. Gavin expected to feel more clear-headed but didn’t feel any real difference. I, on the other hand, felt spaced out (some would say this is not so unusual in my case). It seemed my brain was at odds with my body. Later, I ended up with a headache.

We browsed around in a few more shops.

Gavin 072618

Gavin finally allowed me to take his picture


Realizing the time, we took the trolley back to the wharf. I’d put money in the meter for 6 hours, we made it back to the car with just 10 minutes to spare. It was a truly wonderful day. Thank you, Gavin.

“Smiles are contagious; let’s start an epidemic”     -Laura Smith-

The Smile of the Week comes from two tourists who, unlike Gavin, allowed me to take their photo while hooked to the O2 machine.

O2 Bar Smile of the Week 072618

Happy Tourists at the Vitality O2 Bar



21 thoughts on “Hangin with My Grandson

  1. Well, at least you can say you tried it! A picture of you in that contraption, would have been great 🙂 I love Monterey and am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your day!


  2. That sounds like a great day! How nice that you were able to share quality time with your grandson and that there were no awkward spaces in your conversations. Good to know about those aqua massagers. I always thought those O2 machines were silly, but I’m usually game for a good massage… I’ll stay away from those for sure.


  3. Hi Janis
    I’d much rather spend my $25.00 at Happy Feet. So much nicer and no gawkers. We did something different that’s for sure
    Quality time with family is always good.


  4. I’m so glad you got to experience a full day with your grandson. What a treat. I have nice memories of the Fisherman’s Wharf and Monterey in general, as Mark and I spent some time there on our first sailboat, eventually selling her there. Especially the wildlife (the otters) are fun to watch. I’ve never been to a bar like you mentioned or was hooked up to a Q2 machine, but now I know I’m not missing much!.


  5. Hello Liesbet
    I love watching the otters in the bay. We’ve done some paddleboarding there and they’ll even follow you around. They’re very cute.
    We spend a fair amount of time in and around the Monterey Bay and I love it when people comment about visiting here when I blog about it. It feels like a close community. Something in common to be shared.
    I wonder if your sailboat is still here in the harbor

    Liked by 1 person

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