Smiles are Contagious-GratiTuesday Guest Post

Hello everyone,

Welcome to GratiTuesday. I am grateful to Janis at Retirementally Challenged for inviting me to write a guest post for her blog.

Please join me this week at and see how powerful the gift of a smile is and how this simple act of kindness can change a persons life.

Smiles are contagious; let’s start an epidemic   -Laura Smith-

See the Smile of the Week over at Janis’ blog.



6 thoughts on “Smiles are Contagious-GratiTuesday Guest Post

  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the opportunity. Being able to post on your blog truly helped the campaign grow. Yes, the comments were thoughtful and so much fun. I felt like people really go into it. I enjoyed responding to everyone.
    Thanks again

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  2. HI Liesbet.
    Thanks for the smile. I can always use another one. I glad you enjoyed my guest post.
    Also, I just finished reading your reply to my email. IWSG sounds like a group I’d like to be a part of

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