“the life”

Standing at the sink taking my first sip of coffee is heaven. Eyes closed, I lick the milky froth from my upper lip, take a deep breath, release it with a sigh, and repeat. My morning latte warms me as it travels down to my belly. After my third sip, I turn away from the sink. Staying true to my Morning Pages, I continue my sip, swallow, breathe routine while sitting outside writing. A robin, waiting for me to fill the feeder, forages on the grass close by.

Closing my eyes, I listen to the sounds of early morning. Today, it is mostly birds, the occasional car passing by, and the gentle clanking of plates cycling through the dishwasher.

It’s foggy. Mornings here usually are. The air is still, without even a whisper of a breeze. A small bird chases two crows across the sky. I love the peacefulness this time of day. It’s soothing and allows me to step into my morning slowly. There’s no rush.

I have over an hour before I must hurry my grandson out the door to summer school.

By 8:00 AM the contractor and his workers will be knocking at my door. They’ll be in and out all day. Progress on the bathroom had come to a screeching halt. The tile we chose is no longer available. We made a second selection, also, no longer available. Why don’t they pull the samples off the shelf if it is not going to be available? Frustrated, we choose again. It takes 3 days for the new tile to arrive.

In the meantime, the cabinet maker gives us a quote for the new vanity. I am shocked. Now, we must choose a less costly wood.

No matter. I’m sitting in my backyard, relaxing, listening to the sounds of morning.

Leaning back, I look up at the palms. The first inkling of a breeze flips the pages of my notebook. I sip my coffee, take a deep breath, exhale and wait for the day to begin.

IMG_1405        IMG_1399


BTW: The contractor did not come again today.

Smiles are contagious; let’s start an epidemic     -Laura Smith-

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11 thoughts on ““the life”

  1. Hi Terri

    Seems like we’ve all been on the remodel roller coaster.
    Hmmmmm. I do love quiet mornings in the bathroom. And an evening soak in the tub too.

    Enjoy your summer. I trust you’ll be windsurfing the Delta


  2. Hi Cathi
    This bathroom was really in need. (about 45 years with no improvements made) We finally caved and are getting it done. I think in about 2 weeks I won’t even remember what a pain the process is.


  3. Hi Laura! Aren’t morning pages one of the very best ways to start a morning off right. Like you say, no matter what is coming up or what you have to do, taking the time to stop, notice, write and yeah, sip coffee is very special. As for having a remodel done while you’re living there….wow! You are more patient than I am! ~Kathy

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  4. Darn. I left a comment a couple of days ago and it’s disappeared. I was hoping it was just held in moderation. I can’t recall what I said other than I’m a big fan of morning pages/journalling and believe it is the perfect way for any of us to wake up. ~Kathy


    • HI Bethany
      I love when I get comments from others who write Morning Pages. I have to do them first thing in the morning or I get busy and I don’t get back to it. However, I do have to take those first few sips of coffee to get the cobwebs out
      Thanks for your comments


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