Solo Adventure

Recently, I took my first solo bike ride along the scenic California coastline between Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach. 17-Mile Drive with its breathtaking vistas and iconic landmarks hugs the rocky shoreline as it winds through awe-inspiring forests, golf courses, and multimillion-dollar homes.

Focusing mostly on the dramatic coastal views, I enjoyed playing tourist, stopping off at many points of interest along the way.

My senses came alive after I cycled through the forest at Spanish Bay, rounded a corner and Point Joe came into view. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the salt air on my skin, the pounding surf, and the beauty of the white-water cascading over the rocks invigorated me.


Point Joe

Natural beauty unfolds around every bend along this picturesque drive. Bird Rock is a sanctuary to countless shorebirds, harbor seals, and sea lions. White sand beaches provide favorable conditions for harbor seals during pupping season. Eye-catching seascapes meld into cypress groves. Spooky tree snags and a panoramic view draw many sightseers to Pescadero Point. The Lone Cypress rooted in its granite perch has defied Mother Nature and an arsons match for an estimated 250 years. Savoring each unique vista, I took close to three hours to make an out and back ride along the shore.

Nature’s Exclusive Art Show



The Lone Cypress

While beautiful, my adventure was not without incident. Almost done with my ride, my backside sore from sitting on a bicycle seat, I decided to walk for a bit. As I walked alongside the roadway, the pedals of my bike spun around and clipped me in the lower leg. (I’ll spare you the blood gushing details and photographs.) Thankfully, I still had water to wash the gashes in my leg and had remembered to pack my first aid kit.

After dressing my wounds, I got back on my bike and rode down a dirt path that ran alongside the road. Suddenly, I felt my front tire hit a soft spot, my handlebars shifted to the left. The slo-mo version of the next couple of seconds went something like this. I kept pedaling and quickly shifted my weight to the back of my bike, but my tire was stuck in the muck. As my bike started to tip toward the left, thoughts raced through my head. ‘No, no, no!  Don’t fall. Oh my God, those guys in the truck are watching me.’ Kerplunk! Down I went. ‘Oh, the grass is so soft and damp. I’m okay. Good thing these berry vines don’t have stickers yet. I’m okay. I’d better jump up and let the guys in the truck know I’m okay.” I was on a slight incline (or would that be a decline) and struggled to get up. The truck slowly passed me by. Finally finding my footing, I jumped up, looked down the road where they were still watching in their rearview mirrors and waved, “I’m Okay!” and they drove on. Funny how many things go through your mind in a matter of a few seconds.

I had to laugh. How silly I must have looked.

Surrounded by natural beauty, I was in an introspective mood. I felt good and proud of myself. I was on my own, on my bike, going somewhere and doing something I’d never done before, and had weathered my minor mishaps with my sense of humor intact. You know what? I am okay!

Smiles are contagious; let’s start an epidemic.     -Laura Smith-

IMG_20180317_142130878_LL (1)

15 thoughts on “Solo Adventure

  1. Isn’t it great to do some things on your own and have those little solo adventures? 🙂 Even if there are a few mishaps, glad you’re ok, but I had to smile at the thought of you jumping up to wave an “I’m ok” to those guys watching 😂 Lovely picky’s, looks a gorgeous place Laura x


    • HI Sam
      OMG! it was hilarious! I felt like an up-side-down turtle struggling to get flipped back over.
      I’m enjoying my solo outings. Being independent, seeing the sights I want to see, not rushed to move on to the next attraction, taking photos. You get it, you’ve done several solo trips this year.
      Once again, Congrats on your Bloggers Bashshort story win.

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  2. I so loved this, you brought back several fun memories. Bill and I walked from Andril to where you biked one day it was awesome and beautiful, the bike mishap reminded me of Dorothy Dr. 2 tomboys, 2 ten speeds and a small crash in the middle of the street. love you girlfriend and love your writing, keep up the great retirement. See you in Oct!


  3. Hi Debi

    Ten speeds, skateboards, homemade go-cart. Too many wipe-outs to count. We left a lot of skin on Dorothy Drive.
    Hey, don’t Tommy and Tony owe us money for doing their paper route?
    Good times
    See you in October
    Love you


  4. I’ve driven on that road quite a few times but never rode a bike there. What a great way to take in all the views (do they let you in free to 17 Mile Drive on a bike?). I remember falling over at a fairly major intersection because I couldn’t get my bike cleats out of the pedals in time after I stopped. Boy, did I feel stupid.


  5. HI Janis
    It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve never driven it. I didn’t want to pay for it. Bikes are free. I’m convinced by bicycle is the way to go. It was relaxing and easy to pull off the road wherever I wanted. I went on a Friday, in the morning, so traffic was not bad.
    I have regular pedals on my bike but they are metal and have little spikes on them so your foot does not slip. Ouch! is all I can say. My greatest biking fear was to not be able to release my cleat, so I never got them.
    Have a wonderful vacation

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  6. First of all, your photos are stunning. They made me want to pack up and head to California right now! Second, I’m glad you weren’t too seriously hurt. I can relate, as I recently went on a long bike ride and also took a spill. Luckily, there was only one witness, a friend of mine, but my pride and my knee were definitely hurt. My pride’s fine now, but the knee is still a little tender.


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