Please Stay Tuned…

Please stay tuned. I need to take a brief hiatus from writing my blog. My job this time of year is beyond overwhelming and extremely stressful. I am a flower grower, and while I realize most of you can’t imagine growing flowers can be anything but relaxing, I will try to explain.

I work for a  flower and vegetable seed company located on the California Central Coast.  Each spring, the company I work for, and many of our competitors participate in a week-long event known as, California Spring Trials. Competing companies use this international event to launch new plant varieties and showcase old favorites to customers.   The competition is fierce. Sales and marketing teams from participating companies try to outdo each other with unique displays that will beautifully show off their flowers. (think Fashion Week for flowers)

As Flower Trials Coordinator, my job includes timing each variety of flower to bloom during this specific week. Some species of plants take five to six months growing time while others take only 8 to 10 weeks. Each variety must flower on schedule. Every flower perfect.  There is little to no room for error. I guide my crew in growing the plant material and set up displays to showcase our plants. When all is said and done, customers wined and dined,  we spend 2 weeks cleaning up and returning the greenhouse to normal.

Please enjoy some pictures I’ve taken at past events.



Bed 15

Planting the Landscape


Sideshow Daisies in the Landscape


Begonia tuberhybrida



Vegetable Greens

I am looking forward to some peace filled gardening when I retire.

If you want to know more about the California Spring Trials check out


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