A few years ago, I bought my husband a digital camera. Sadly,  it sat on a shelf in the closet. I can’t remember the exact occasion, but I decided to try out the camera. Since then,  I have taken a lot of photos to get a few good ones. Digital is so nice, I just dump the crummy photographs and keep what I like.  I am basically self-taught. I’ve read the manual and a book on how to take great photos

On a recent day trip to Monterey  California, I spent the afternoon at Lover’s Point enjoying the sunshine and taking lots of pictures. I was lucky to run across what I can only assume was a photography class, comprised mostly of retirees, cameras in hand taking photos of  Monterey Bay. I copied some of their techniques and sneaked in a few shots from vantage points that must have been on their assignment sheet. I decided then and there a formal photography class was on my list of things to do when I retire.

Here are a few photos I took that day.

I was particularly happy to get a shot of this surfer. He never got up and fell right after I took this photo. I just liked this shot.


Surfer at Lover’s Point. Monterey Bay, California

This photo was taken at the same vantage point most of the other photographers were shooting. I had to wait my turn. I love how the water sparkles like jewels.


Lover’s Point, Monterey Bay

I read somewhere to position yourself to take the best shot of your subject. I took this photo laying on the ground so the tree branch would not totally block the rocks and the water below.


Along the walking path. Monterey Bay, California

By trade, I am a flower grower. I always take photographs of flowers. This ice plant flower caught my attention. It’s beauty intrigued me. I think I will call it Starburst.


Flowering Ice Plant Monterey Bay, California

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