Blog Under Construction-please excuse my dust

Yikes!!! As with my retirement, I am still in the process of crafting my blog. Two weeks ago I didn’t know a widget from a hole in the ground. I always thought they (widgets) were some mass produced thing-a-ma-jig that served no purpose, but I’m getting there.  I have been working with Learning the Fundamentals provided by WordPress. I finally figured out how to leave a comment on someone else’s blog, but am still trying to figure out how to respond to comments I receive on my blog. So Georgie and Terri, thank you for your comments, suggestions, and encouragement. I appreciate them.

I signed into Grammarly. It has already corrected two typos. Yesterday I signed up for Canva so I could add some images to my posts. A bit confusing. So I went to Pexels, chose a photo, now I  need to figure out how to download the photo to my post. No go. So I went to my own photos and tried to attach one. Still without a photo.   Maybe I’d better add technologically challenged to my “About Me” page.

OMG!! I may have just figured it out! Doin my happy dance. Not so technologically challenged now.


And now, for my next trick,  I shall attempt to add links to my two mentors. Dang, my first try was a bust. Then I got sidetracked by the little bell in the upper right-hand corner of my screen, telling me to “manage my comments.” Learning something new every five minutes.

My second attempt. Copied and pasted the URL (whatever that means)

I thought this would underscore or highlights the links, but it didn’t. Maybe if I press “Publish” it will do so. Let’s see. Yep, I gave it a test and Voila! It works.

Gonna head out now, but first let me regale you with another one of my favorite photos. Caption included. So proud!


Pilings at The Wharf–Monterey Bay, California

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